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Wow!! What stunning work you and your team are doing! The magazine is gorgeous – visually striking and very, very interesting and informative. The ads you’ve published for me are beautiful! It’s such an honor to be included in your magazine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Indie Author

I’m so happy that I’ve discovered IndiePicks! I have been looking for a publication that features independent titles/publishers in one spot so I am excited that you all will be providing that resource. I look forward to receiving my first issue next month!
-Academic Librarian from California

I love the way the reviews are long enough to really tell us why this a title is a standout. One of my favorite review columns is “Book Club Picks”. I love the tips for book club pairings and comparisons!
-Public Librarian in North Carolina

As a librarian who wants to provide the newest and best titles to my patrons, I hate the idea of missing some indie hit or sleeper smash. But, given my desk schedule, library programming, and the review of the titles coming from the “Big Six,” I honestly do not have the time to pan the legions of independently published books out there looking for gold. Thank heaven I now have people to help me out and give me the good stuff!
-Public Librarian from Michigan

As soon as I learned about IndiePicks, I sent out an all points bulletin to my fellow authors who were published by small presses or Amazon imprints. Libraries are being utilized by readers now more than ever, and there are over 100 thousand libraries in the United States alone! IndiePicks, a new source of book reviews by librarians is going to be a game changer to those of us who have been struggling to get our titles noticed by Library Journal and Booklist.
– Indie Author

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