Romance 11/1/2017

In Book Reviews by Robin Bradford

His Perfect Partner
by Priscilla Oliveras
Zebra Shout $4.99
ISBN: 9781420144284


In Priscilla Oliveras’ His Perfect Partner (Zebra Shout, $4.99, ISBN 9781420144284), Yazmine Fernandez abandons her budding career as a dancer in New York to go home and help out her ailing father. To stay limber she starts teaching tot dance classes, and that’s where she meets Tomás Garcia, father to one adorable five-year-old dance student. Yazmine isn’t looking for a relationship—especially not with another workaholic—and Tomás is still recovering from a wife who’d abandoned both their marriage and their child. The relationship starts as mutual attraction and grows to friendship before becoming love. The main characters are both flawed individuals who have challenging circumstances, but both resist angst. This is an overwhelmingly positive story, even in its darkest moments. The secondary characters, including Yazmine’s two sisters, are delightful and not mere plot devices to move the story along. (Readers can look forward to seeing them again, as they are slated to get their own books in this new series.) Readers will feel as though the Fernandez family has and welcomed them into the clan. It’s rare nowadays that a love story is sexy without sex, but His Perfect Partner will touch readers’ hearts.

Robin Bradford