What is IndiePicks?
IndiePicks Magazine is a review source that focuses solely on the talent and works of indie imprints, small/medium press, and non-traditionally published authors. The magazine will highlight books, non-major studio film and music—all reviewed by librarians, for librarians. The first issue of IndiePicks is slated to publish in November 2017 and will be aimed at both library selection staff and at general readers.

Where can I find IndiePicks on social media?
We’re on Facebook; Twitter; and Goodreads.

Who is the parent company of IndiePicks?
Patomi Media Group.



How do I submit my book for review?
Please carefully read our guidelines and process below. Material can be sent via our web portal (strongly preferred) or mailed to:

Patomi Media Group
Attn: Reviews Department
PO Box 558
Forest Park, IL 60130

Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we regret that we are unable to confirm receipt of print materials. A member of the IndiePicks editorial staff will be in touch with authors and/or publishers of materials selected for review to keep them appraised of timeline, etc.

Review Submission Guidelines:
1) IndiePicks will only accept books that are independently published: Author-published, Amazon imprints, or small/medium press produced.

2) Books MUST BE professionally edited and have had a professional cover designed.

3) We will only be able to accept books that were published within the previous 12 months. Priority will be given to pre-pub and newer books.

Review Process:
1) Galleys and finished copies may be submitted through website upload or print galleys through the listed address (PO Box) NO LESS than 3 months before desired issue publication date. Review copies and finished books alike must include a publication slip specifying price and ISBN, publication date (month and year), and publisher/distributor.

2) All items from individual authors must be accompanied by the completed Author Questionnaire, found on our website.

3) Titles will be reviewed by our editorial staff for quality prior to being forwarded to a librarian reviewer. Realizing that the time of readers and librarians is valuable, IndiePicks is a recommend-only resource. Our librarian reviews reflect careful evaluation for both quality and interest, and may include critique on weaknesses if necessary.

4) Author/Artists will receive an email on status of review.  All submissions of materials for review become the sole property of Patomi Media Group; requests for return of materials cannot be honored.

5) Due to our review process/selection, IndiePicks Magazine does not guarantee published review of submitted material. Final selection of titles for review rests with the Editor in Chief.

Do I have to pay to have my book reviewed?
Absolutely not. IndiePicks is committed to never charging authors or publishers for our professional reviews.

Who writes your reviews?
We have an expert team of experienced librarians writing our professional reviews. You can learn all about them at our About Us page.

My book was reviewed and I’d like to share it on my website! May I have permission to do so?
We do encourage authors and publicists to use our reviews in marketing materials, under the following guidelines:

IndiePicks reviews must be published in their entirety on IndiePicksMag.com before any portion of the reviews appear elsewhere online. Exceptions for early publicity (such as “teasers”)  may be made by contacting our Editor in Chief.

All excerpts must be attributed to IndiePicks Magazine in italics.

If words are omitted from a quote, ellipses must be inserted in their place.

Reviews may not be altered by adding words in any way.

I was featured in IndiePicks and would love to get extra copies of the issue! How do I do that?
Individual digital copies can be purchased from one of our online subscription partners (see below) or you can get additional print copies by contacting Naomi Blackburn. 

I have an idea for a feature or an author interview. Who should I contact?
You can pitch to our Editor in Chief, Rebecca Vnuk. Please note that IndiePicks is editorially independent; any publisher-sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such.



Why should I advertise in IndiePicks?
Advertising in IndiePicks means you will be presented to readers who love indie books and authors, as well as on the radar of hundreds of librarians responsible for purchasing for library collections across the country.

If I place an ad for my book, does that mean I will get reviewed?
No, IndiePicks does not participate in pay-for-play. However, if your book is not reviewed, an advertisement can be a great way to still appear in IndiePicks and get in front of our readers.



I need help with my subscription. Who do I contact?
Please contact our subscription department, naomi.blackburn@patomimediagroup.com,  for any questions regarding subscriptions, new or existing.

Where can I find copies of IndiePicks?
Many bookstores and public libraries offer free customer copies of IndiePicks. To find a location near you, check our subscriber list. If your local independent bookstore or library doesn’t carry IndiePicks, please consider formally asking them to–and email us so we can reach out!

Is IndiePicks available in a digital version?
Yes! Individual issues of the digital edition of IndiePicks can be found on Zinio, Itunes, Google Play, and Amazon. You can also get a digital subscription.