Breakout Novels of 2018

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Check out a new year full of incredible new indie reads!

The Frontman by Ron Bahar (Available 4/3)

Ron Bahar has always tried to please his Israeli immigrant parents but when a relationship with Amy Andrews begins and his love for rock and roll music grows, he will have to make tough decisions about his future despite the expectations placed upon him in this fictionalized autobiography.

Halsey Street by Naima Costa (Available 1/1)

When Penelope returns home to take care of her father, all she wants is a fresh start but when her estranged mother shows up, the young girl must make: choosing between her family and a bright, new future where pain is not hiding around every corner. This debut novel is a story of what it means to be a family and the complicated love of one mother.

The Summer of New Beginnings by Bette Lee Crosby (Available 3/27)

From USA Today bestselling author comes Crosby’s newest novel about an aspiring journalist who must save her dad’s legacy after his death and her newly single sister who is now facing the future as a single mother. Putting their dreams on the back burner to find themselves in their new stages of life, they will discover that letting go of the past will usher in the possibility of new beginnings.

Song of Isabel by Ida Curtis (Available 4/17)

With dashes of historical detail, Song of Isabel tells the story of two young people who are reunited eight years after a chance encounter. When both agree to an arranged marriage, they’re unaware that they’ve been given a second chance to fall in love. Enduring damaging trials together in their dangerous journey to the court of King Louis, Lady Isabel and Lord Chetwynd will form an irreversible bond to which there will be inevitable consequences.

Entangled Moon by E.C. Frey (Available 6/12)

In one second, the perfect life Heather has worked so hard to create, threatens to come crashing down all around her. The death of an ex-employee will have Heather running back to her childhood friends and together, they will have to correct their past mistakes if they want to make things right again.

The Opposite of Never by Mary Kathleen Mehuron (Available 4/24)

Kenny didn’t think life would go on after the passing of his wife but upon meeting Georgia, their lives, along with their childrens’ will drastically change in this story of adventure, new love and unprecedented challenges. As two of their respective children begin to fall in love with each other and opiates, the two parents will be tested in ways they never saw coming.

The Last Thing She Ever Did by Gregg Olsen (Available 1/1) 

New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen, creates a picturesque community with dark secrets in this January 2018 release. When one couple’s son goes missing and a mysterious neighbor takes a sudden interest in newcomer Liz, she becomes nervous that her series of detrimental mistakes won’t stay hidden for long and that those counting on her will fall to pieces.

Beautiful Illusion by Christie Nelson (Available 5/1)

When Treasure Island comes alive in the 1930s, Lily Nordby is given an exciting opportunity to cover the Golden Gate International Exposition for the Examiner. There, Lily finds herself instantly wrapped up in the grandeur of the exposition as well as the mysterious host, Tokido Okamura. As she begins to fall into dangerous territory, Woodrow Packard steps in to prevent her from harm and as the two grow closer, they’ll uncover shocking secrets and come face-to-face with an unimaginable destiny.

As Good As True by Cheryl Reid (Available 2/1)

The rumors and whispers all started when Anna Nassad invited the first black postman into her home for a drink of water. Only a few days later, Anna’s abusive husband turns up dead and the community jumps to conclusions about the killer. In order to set the record straight and reconcile the relationships she has with those around her, she will have to confront the idea that she could lose everything she has ever worked for.

The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White (Available 1/16) 

Struggling from mental illness, new mother Katie Mack lets her fears get in the way as she runs away from her life, leaving a newborn baby and husband behind. Having found time to heal, Katie accidentally runs into the daughter she never knew years later but is unable to reveal her true identity as she promised to change her name and not intervene. But as Katie discovers her daughter is in need of her help, she must find a way to navigate the complicated reunion.